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Connecting Roles

The roles below are only a suggestion for getting connected. You can contribute in many different ways, limited only by your imagination

Become a Project Ambassador

Fuel the flame of transformation

Ambassadors are responsible for helping to grow the contributor base, and to act as a link between 9Miles Project and the broader local/international community.

Become a Volunteer

Transform the lives of youth and reap the rewards!

Give back while having fun and change the lives of our younger ones.
At 9Miles it’s not just about helping others but about being a part of a BIG family.

Be an Inspiration

Turn some-one’s spark into a flame

If you have the flame of inspiration in any arena, you can inspire others. If that’s you; book a session with us today to speak to our students and share your passion.

Be a Change Talker

Talk the talk!

Tell your Corporate Social Representative about us
Start a conversation about us on Facebook & invite people to like our page

Be a Change Walker

Walk the Talk!

Tell your friends & run a collection at work
Take a surf lesson
Sponsor one of our weekly meals
Sponsor a Cultural Trip

Please let us know which way you would like to get connected, so that we can send you a full brief of what the role entails.

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