Meet The Team

Management & Board of Directors


Nigel Savel

Founder and Director of Operations 

With a media and events industry background and over 5 years’ experience of youth development through mentorship and leadership, Nigel is a dynamic young entrepreneur and marketing specialist.   He is a man with a vision to shake his nation and impact the world through social transformation, divine favour and extra-ordinary strategies of influence.  Nigel is warm, energetic and selfless – he lives and breathes 9Miles every day and proved his commitment by giving up his job in 2014 to devote himself to the project full-time. He is at the coalface every day working within the community and providing guidance and mentorship to the 9Miles kids and their families.


Sher’Neil Savel

Founder and Chairperson

Despite a demanding job and studies, Sher’neil is the firecracker Matriarch of the project – the yin to Nigel’s yang, the strategist always looking at the big picture. Her impeccable organizing and communication skills and boundless energy make her an asset to the project. She has a passion for early childhood development, education, exposing the kids to the arts and social enterprise. She always beams with pride when talking about “their kids” and the progress they have made since the project’s inception.


Elzette Roussou

Vice Chairperson

A real go-getter, Elzette is our world changer and our mastermind in social transformation measurement programs.

She is a research psychologist by profession with a passion for youth development, violence prevention, and community health. She aims to apply her skills in programme evaluation and fundraising to promote social change philanthropy.


Graham D’Arcy

Director of Finance

Graham D’Arcy – or ‘Mega Mind’ as we prefer to call him – is a retired accountant with a BIG HEART for the socially destitute and marginalised within society.  This was his motivation for enthusiastically jumping on board to be the Financial Manager for 9Miles Project. His extensive experience in dealing with accounting issues and his wealth of financial knowledge ensures that our Project always passes with flying colours when it comes to the Corporate and Financial governance of our NPO.


Dale Savel


The glue that holds us all together….

Dale holds the position of Executive PA to the National Distribution Executive within the Mass Foundation Cluster at Old Mutual.  Dale’s passion is empowering people through knowledge which she applies at work and in ministry. She pays meticulous attention to details and is an outstanding organizer and planner. Family is very important to her and so she believes that your own family circle must be a strong one.


Delphine Fernandes


Delphine’s flair for handling figures and cash has been honed by her vast book-keeping experience and the numerous small business ventures she runs. Over and above this, her bubbly personality, dependable character, humble attitude, willingness to always serve – along with her love and passion for all people from all walks of life has earned her the descriptive term within our organization of being “sugar and spice and everything nice”.


Reagan O’Malley

Creative Director

Reagan O’Malley is our fine wine in creative design.  Reagan is always able to graphically capture the heart and style of the Organisation and that’s why he is the brand manager for 9Miles Project. He heads up the graphic design team and his unique style and creative excellence has ensured the positive establishment of 9Miles Project in the minds, hearts and lives of many.


Paul Savel

Project Manager

Powerful-Passionate Paul – the pillar of 9Miles Project!  His wealth of knowledge and expertise make him the ‘go-to-guy’ in any area…

Paul is a successful Project Manager with more than 14 years experience within the project and stakeholder management environment, gained within both the public and private sector. With international certifications in Project Management (Prince2) as well as Change Management (Prosci), he has been equipped with the necessary technical knowledge to lead and direct projects. He has the ability to think at a very strategic and conceptual level, and then to translate this with the necessary context in order to be practically understood.

His strong leadership skills allow him to bring teams together and lead them to achieve a common goal, and deliver on the identified objectives of a project. He is passionate about people, people empowerment, social integration and transformation and believes that by impacting and influencing one life positively you can impact and change an entire community.


Meagan Sampson

Academic Director

Or rather ‘Mighty Megz’ as we prefer to call her…

Meagan is a high school teacher with the desire to see the results of “youth upliftment”. She believes that investing in the lives of young people is investing in the future of South Africa.  As Meagan is driven by a passion for education and a love for young people, she endeavours to bring hope to the lives of young people.

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