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9Miles Surf Programme

At 9Miles know that growing up is tough – it’s not easy (and for some it’s more tough than for others)! That’s what our surf program is about – it isn’t just about the surfing, it isn’t just about catching the best waves. It’s about moving young people in a direction that can help them and assist them to grow up, so that when they take their place out in the world or out in our communities – they can be depended on!

So 9Miles Project uses surfing as a means to convey valuable life principles; to teach, equip and impart life skills (including quality and healthy life styles) to youth at risk. Surfing is our “draw card” the “magnet” to attract young people to a recreational (one with nature) outdoor sport which requires courage, dedication, commitment, perseverance and discipline – valuable qualities in life which are necessary for Right Thinking and Right Believing!

Our surf/facility coaches are not only instructors but become mentors – positive role models – in these young peoples’ lives; giving continual guidance, support and encouragement in and out of the water – shaping their lives day by day.

The combination of surfing, lifeskills education and mentorship is a dynamic trio which produces lasting character, enhances self-worth and develops a goal orientated mind-set.

That’s how our youth know that nothing is impossible!

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