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A Mother’s Testimony

 My eldest son Mekile Fernandes is going to high school in 2016 and as his mom I feel so much pride and joy but also humbleness of how great God is.

He was chosen to be a prefect at his school in 2015. When his name was announced I thought my heart would burst with so much pride and happiness. Two days later I received a text message from his teacher – she was so excited she could not contain herself – she wanted to let me know that Mekile had gotten 95% for his maths exam mark.

It is almost surreal the transformation that my son has undergone…

Two years ago Mekile found his passion for surfing which has taken him from the life of bunking school, drinking, smoking and getting involved in the wrong crowd. He had a bad start in life, having had an abusive father. He saw things and went through things no child should at that age.

When I left his father he was already 8 years old going on 21 and full of anger, hurt and confusion.

He started acting out, stealing, bunking school, swearing his teachers, smoking and lying. It broke my heart because I could do nothing but pray. For three years this went on – going from bad to worse… He was on the verge of expulsion from school and many had given up on him – they just couldn’t get through to him.

At the age of 11, Nigel and Sher’Neil Savel invited us to 9Miles Project. In the beginning it was a hard constant battle but we kept at it and today every time I see my son suit up, pick his surf board and run to catch his wave a lump gets caught in my throat and my eyes fill with tears cause my son is a joyful, respectful, confident and fun-loving, ‘normal’ 13 year old boy. At the Project he’s found father figures, mentors, role-models and a positive brotherhood.

He has dreams of becoming a professional surfer….and he knows nothing is impossible for him.

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