Success Stories - Nathan Perris

Nathan 4

Nigel and his team have touched the lives of many teenagers, including 12-year-old Nathan Perris from Sewende Laan informal settlement in Strandfontein. When Nathan joined the project, he was labelled the short man with a shorter temper in the community. He did not care about his reputation or appearance. He figured if his parents did not care (which is how he perceived them) why must he!

As such, schooling was not a desire for him and he could not read and write.

As Nathan attended the programme week after week, seeds of change were planted in his life. He became focused and determination and this earned him the top spot at the 2015 Student Surf Challenge competition earlier this year. He is a most promising surfer and is always looking to push his boundaries. Best of all – he now loves to read and makes a point to read daily.

Nathan’s dynamic transformation and his love for reading is so fantastic that he has been made the theme child for our public art mural at the Strandfontein library depicting “positivity overpowers negativity”. From being illiterate to becoming a lover of reading, he truly does personify the message of this mural and a love for the library.

He considers his future to be full of endless possibilities and has become a respectful young boy who loves to share his humour with others and make them smile and laugh.

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