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We are humbled to share our Covid Impact report with you which reflects on the relief work we have done over the past 9 months- work which is ongoing.With incredible partners at our side, we rose to the challenge and found that in the midst of a pandemic, there were boundless opportunities to make a difference. We are immensely humbled by the countless acts of heroism and generosity we have experienced over the past six months.The words "Thank you" can sometimes seem so inadequate to convey gratitude, but after more than 200 days of running our food programme we are so immensely thankful for everyone who came alongside us, many of whom are still at our side.We are sincerely grateful to each and every person, family and organisation that donated time, money and goods during this time. Every amount (no matter how big or small) is appreciated equally, and we especially honour all those who have donated anonymously and whom we have not been able to thank personally over the past 9 months.Please take a moment to read through the report to see how your support has helped us to serve up love and hope.Read the full report hereIf you would like to partner with us to continue providing food security in impoverished communities please donate via any of our payment options here.
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