2018 was such an incredible year where many new partnerships were forged, amazing projects were launched, and our capacity and operational efficiencies were strengthened.

We are making great strides with more structured afterschool and literacy programmes, increased team capacity and growth, and an upsurge in our community projects.

Sustainability continues to be a key focus and it’s truly encouraging to see that income from our social enterprises has tripled – almost quadrupled – in the past year.

The amazing wooden surfboard shaping initiative for our vehicle campaign was a powerful combination of sustainable fundraising, skills development, youth empowerment, and strategic partnerships.

We envision that the fabric of the communities we work in will transform in the next 10 years due to more of our children being literate, finishing school, being upskilled in a trade and/or pursuing further studies that will allow them to break the socio-economic barriers they currently experience.

We are deeply grateful for the impact we are making in not only our children’s lives but on entire families and communities that desperately need these interventions.  

A year like this does not just happen. A mix of skilled and talented staff, high levels of energy, commitment to the cause, and supportive individuals, corporates, organisations, donors and grant-makers both locally and from around the world, make it happen.

We are so thankful to everyone who came alongside us and who is going the distance with us.

All these achievements are to your account!

Nigel & Sher’Neil Savel

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