Meet Chanelle and Brandon…our precious twins from the beautiful seaside village of Elands Bay… 

During a recent business trip to the area, Chanelle cried when she saw us because she missed us so much! All that our Elands kids desire is for us to visit more often so that they can spend time with us… 

With your support, our next trip up the West Coast on 14 March will bring them great joy and transformation. We will spend four jam-packed days with our 25 kids – surfing, doing life skills lessons, feeding them, and just having fun!

We are particularly stoked because, for the first time, our entire team will be going up together so it will surely be a memorable trip! 

Sponsor a child for only R380 per person and help us to bring life empowerment and youth development to the West Coast.  

Donate now via EFT, Snapscan or Payfast, or contact us on 082 997 8754 for more details. 

Thank you for going the distance with us!