Do you have 1 hour per week to volunteer with us?

We have so many exciting things planned this year and we need all the help we can get… If you would like to join our team as a volunteer, please complete this form

Our volunteers quickly become part of the family as is evident by this testimonial:

“I came from living a life of getting by, from moment to moment, hoping to find purpose in all that I do. But after spending my first few hours with the kids at 9Miles, I was humbled by the truth that every moment with them has purpose. Those kids taught me humility, respect, Love and most importantly perseverance. Their ability to ‘push on’ cast a shadow on my own life, and instantly made me appreciate all that I have. Those kids shattered every stereotype, stigma and belief that I once knew about places like informal settlements, and I began to desire being in their presence more than my own. Their deep Love and respect towards me made me question many of the things I was taught, and transformed the way I viewed the world. A day at 9Miles feels like only a minute has gone by. And by the end of that day, you say goodbye to those kids with a heart bubbling over with overwhelming joy. I volunteer because it gives my life purpose, and after a day at 9Miles you, too, will forget the mere definition of ‘volunteer’, but feel home instead.” – Amy Jenneker

Amy Jenneker – Volunteer

Even if you only have 1 hour per week we can slot you into the area that suits you best e.g. surfing, fitness, reading, cooking, tutoring, playing games, music, and arts etc. Get in touch now to find out more….