The impact of influence is multiplication

John C. Maxwell


Active learners in the Mentorship Program: 80

Active girls: 12% to 35%

Communities adopted across South Africa: 6

Indirect beneficiaries, increased from 56 to more than 400.


Our other projects

Elands Bay Surf Project

9 Miles Project

On the West Coast of South Africa lies a sleepy coastal village called Elands Bay – home to South Africa’s best left-hand surf spot – and yet the kids in the community have no positive activities to engage them, and are not water savvy.

The Elands Bay Surf Project was established in September 2016 when our team from from Cape Town collaborated with The Board Box and “10 Days 10 Nights” and ventured to Elands Bay to host a Life Empowerment Surf Clinic for the youth within the community. As a result of the success of their Clinic (as well as recognising that there were very little positive recreational activities for youth in the area) the team collaborated with various individuals who grasped the vision and identified the need to make the youth development programme a permanent feature. Elands Bay has since become a satellite outreach programme of the 9Miles Project.

There are officially 24 children in the programme (but more children from the community attend surf days on the beach) and a team from Cape Town visits the area every six weeks to conduct life empowerment, mentorship and surfing lessons. These beautifully exuberant children (as well as the entire community) have captured our hearts and it’s always a delight to visit the area.

We would love to formalise our activities by converting a 40-foot container into a clubhouse from which we could run our operations.


St Francis Bay Surf Project

The St. Francis Surf Project was established in April 2017 as a branch of the 9Miles Project.
The learners are from SeaVista – an area filled with social ills and very little positive recreational activities.

We were introduced to the community, and to Head Facility Coach, Ashwill (AJ) Jamaar, by Rachael McCall who founded SONrise South Africa in the area. AJ was one of the only surfers in the area and he was passionate about transforming youth just like Nigel had in Cape Town. AJ is therefore not only the Head Facility Coach, but also the co-founder of the St Francis Surf Project along with Nigel Savel.

There are currently 10 boys within the programme and it operates on weekends with each session consisting of a life skill lesson, fitness and surf training which is facilitated by coach AJ.

Although AJ works full-time he is passionate about his boys and even though the project is very young, change in behaviour, attitude and character are evident.

The clubhouse was generously provided by Kouga Municipality for the kids to have a safe environment to conduct lessons and store equipment. There is a great support from the community as well as the town of St Francis Bay.



Social enterprise

Skilling youth and the unemployed in order to provide employment opportunities and also to create a sustainable income for the project e.g. surf and wetsuit repair workshop, board turning, Cafe, surf lessons etc.

Community Support

Providing our kids with at least one wholesome meal five times per week, and twice daily during school holidays. Distribution of donated groceries and household goods to families and community members based on individual needs analysis.

Supplementary Academic Support

After-school homework assistance, exam preparation and tutoring of difficult subjects.

Literacy Programme

After-school programme that teaches our students to read, write, and spell; and pronunciation of the English language (based on Help2Read programme).

Computer Literacy Training

Computer training and learning how to use the Internet for assignments and projects

Surf Programme

Surfing, Fitness Training, Water & Safety Training as well as participation in local surf competitions.

Project Connect

National trips to surf competitions and other non-profit organisations, learning adventures, cultural excursions etc.

Art & Music Therapy

Drumming, guitars, arts & crafts, community art projects


Leadership training programme that recognises the change in the youth in our project and focuses on empowering the individual to become agents of change in their society.

Core Life Skills Programme

Interactive lessons that impart life skills and information that they need to prosper in society. Lessons such as environmental protection, beach cleanups, written and verbal communication skills, money management etc.





Nigel Savel – Mandela Washington Fellow, 2018 (one of 46 South Africans selected out of 700 applicants)

9miles Project – nominee in the “Recreation Body of the Year” category at the 2017 SA Sports Awards

Nigel Savel – recipient of Civic Award from the City of Cape Town in 2017

Nathan Perries (student) – made the U14 Western Province Surfing team in 2017

Nigel Savel – Grand Prize Winner at the Elizabeth Arden “Make a Visible Difference” programme in 2015