Going, going gone! The excitement at the Wavescape Artboard Auction at Jack Black Beer on 28 November can best be described as a heart-stopping drama of Bollywood proportions!

Between people bidding on the wrong boards, and throwing in last-minute challenges, our hearts were in our throats at the end of the evening when our wooden longboard went for R70 000 in an incredible plot twist! We were so overwhelmed and grateful!

From left to right: Pat Burnett, the lucky bidder, Nigel Savel (9Miles founder), MC Nik Rabinowitz, Grant Cleghorn (owner: Gone.outdoor) and Bryan Little (Fly on the Wall productions)


The big winners of the night though were all the ocean charities – Adaptive Surfers of South Africa9Miles ProjectThe Beach Co-op & Ocean Pledge – who will benefit from the whopping R782 000 that was raised.

Thank you Wavescape for allowing us to be a part of this magical journey!

Huge thanks also goes to those who made this project possible –  to Gone. for spearheading the project, our Marcheleno Anthony who crafted the board with Pat from Burnett Wood Surfboards, the amazing crowd, our buyer, and our (very spirited and vocal) team who made the night unforgettable!

Our vehicle is really starting to feel like a reality now…we can almost smell the interior!