Faieq Samodien

Success Stories

Faieq is our oldest student and has been with us from the very beginning. He has matured into a dependable, easy-going young man who we can always call on to assist with any task or activity – even if it means dressing up in a Surfer Santa suit in 30 degree weather!

He struggled with conventional learning but never strayed or became discouraged, and instead ploughed his energies into keeping active and staying close to our staff and mentors. In essence, he is an extended member of our team and helps out with DIY projects, surf lessons, the 2nd-hand Surf shop, and will also use his board shaping skills in our surfboard repair workshop – a true social enterprise success story!

In 2017 he was selected for the U18 Development team at the Billabong SA Champs and 2018 was a milestone year because we were able to secure funding for Faieq to attend an adult learning centre and he has excitedly applied himself and hasn’t missed a day at school. We are incredibly proud of him and his journey”