9 Miles Project

Faieq Samodien

Faieq is our oldest student and has been with us from the very beginning. He has matured into a dependable, easy-going young man who we can always call on to assist with any task or activity – even if it means dressing up in a Surfer Santa suit in 30 degree weather!

He struggled with conventional learning but never strayed or became discouraged, and instead ploughed his energies into keeping active and staying close to our staff and mentors. In essence, he is an extended member of our team and helps out with DIY projects, surf lessons, the 2nd-hand Surf shop, and will also use his board shaping skills in our surfboard repair workshop – a true social enterprise success story!

In 2017 he was selected for the U18 Development team at the Billabong SA Champs and 2018 was a milestone year because we were able to secure funding for Faieq to attend an adult learning centre and he has excitedly applied himself and hasn’t missed a day at school. We are incredibly proud of him and his journey”

Nathan Perries

Nathan Perries

When Nathan Perries, more famously known as Bibo, joined the 9Miles Project and caught his first wave five years ago, he couldn’t have dreamed that he would someday be chosen for the Western Province Grom Surfing team.

“Within the 5 years of knowing, watching over, and teaching this young man, I have learnt more from him than he has from my team and I” says Nigel “Over the years he has continued to display a positive outlook and always carries his “Colgate” smile around with him” laughs Nigel.

Nathan was since chosen for the U14 Western Province Surfing team and participated in the Billabong SA Champs in October 2017 and was also featured on an episode of Xcellerate

Marcheleno Anthony

“Marcheleno is one of the most influential teenagers I’ve ever come across. Being in the presence of this young man has taught me that you should never allow your circumstances to hinder your progress, that you should never allow your past to hold you back from accomplishing your goals, that respect goes a long way, and with courage and God by your side anything is possible. It’s very rare to come across a young man that constantly works hard for the benefit of his community, that leads with grace, does without being asked, that is constantly pushing boundaries and never allows a bad day to overpower him. This boy continues to inspire people of all ages and will pretty soon inspire the world. And yes he’s the coolest 16-year-old on the block” – Shanice Appels, Volunteer