We are always so grateful when people are moved by the wonderful kids in our project and launch their own peer-to-peer funding campaigns on our behalf.

A perfect example of that is a wonderful new campaign that has just been launched by Elaine Swanson in Hong Kong in support of our vehicle campaign. She visited our clubhouse with our volunteer Taryn Swales, met us once and just jumped in to help!


The campaign is off to a good start

I addition to the crowdfunding, she is also running an awareness campaign in her hair salon, and is selling chocolates branded with our stickers – proof that we can all make a difference in our own unique ways!

Elaine with artwork and stickers in her salon
Elaine with artwork and stickers in her salon

Click here to go to the full GofundMe site and please share this campaign with any friends or family.

Let’s help them to raise the final R100 000 needed to get our kids their minibus!