The temperature is plummeting and we’re already reaching for warming hot chocolate, comforting soup, and our winter woolies and blankets.

So many of our children are extremely ill-equipped for this cold, wet weather (some run around barefoot in the rain without jerseys or jackets) and we’d like to ensure that they stay warm and healthy by kitting them out properly for winter.

Help us to spread love and warmth this winter by supporting our winter campaign

Would you like to help? 
There are 3 ways that you can support this campaign:

  1. Sponsor a specific child with a full winter kit or specific items listed above – we can provide you with sizing
  2. Make a donation into our bank account and we will purchase something on your behalf. 
  3. Donate previously-owned clothing (in good condition) for children and youth aged 8-19. Contact us on and we can arrange pickup or delivery. 

Not having decent, warm clothing doesn’t just result in illness, but also means that many of them don’t attend school when it rains (due to not having a change of dry clothing) so the effects are far-reaching!

Help us to keep our kids warm, dry and healthy this winter!